It occurs when the customer wishes to return any product, either by regret, change of mind, or that the product, although it corresponds exactly with the description and photo of our website, is not to the liking of the buyer. The deadline for communicating this return is 30 calendar days (only for end customer) from the receipt by the customer, in case of a holiday, leave a record by e-mail of the intention of the commercial return. Along with the purchase invoice of your product, you will receive the letter of withdrawal.

To do this you must enter your user area and fill in all the requested data.

Once we have received it, we will proceed to process the return.

The usual procedure will be as follows:
We will contact you to communicate the acceptance of the return, and the delivery address, which must be clearly indicated on the packaging. You must deliver the product to us within 14 days from the date on which you were informed of the acceptance of the return (outside this period the return will not be accepted).

IMPORTANT !!!: Phone and tablet spare parts must be assembled by professionals, with the necessary electrical safety measures and knowledge/training of the work. This type of return will not be applicable to tablet and phone parts that have been placed and show signs of installation (glue, adhesives, removal of seals or protectors). Please test the part without installing it before installation, otherwise it will be immediately out of warranty.

iMPORTANT!!!: All software sold on our website is fully DIGITAL (downloadable content or online activation). They are licenses that are sent to the customer via e-mail to be activated online. The software does not benefit from the condition of COMMERCIAL RETURN because they are single-use activatable products.

For the Products marked as "Refurbished" that are recovered products, of second hand, the guarantee of the product is of 6 months for Final Client, and of 3 Months for clients of Distribution.

The products have to arrive in the same state in which they were sent, that is to say, they must not have any type of introduced information, keys, etc., they must go with all the components of the same one. Not having all the components, cables, accessories, manuals, etc, may generate a cost of replacement to the state for sale to be paid by the person who has generated such failure.

If these conditions are not met the product will be returned immediately to the customer and will not be accepted such return.

RenoPC will proceed to refund the money within a maximum period of 5 days, once you have received the product and verified that it is in perfect condition.

  • Small packages: 4.95€+VAT
  • CR-Byke, Hoverboard (any size), Boogie Drift, Roller Dance: 14.95€+VAT per package
  • Citystreet, Cityroad, RollSkate, Littlemix, Mobylite, MaxRocket or other items of similar volume: 27€+VAT per package
  • Citycoco Mini, Citycoco Last Mille or other items of similar volume: €60+VAT per package
  • Batteries, Engines and Spare Parts > 10 Kg = 15€+VAT per package
  • Racks and high volume products:
    • Up to 1600mm: 30€+VAT per package
    • More than 1600mm: 40€+VAT per package

Throughout the whole process, we will keep you promptly informed via email.
In this case the amount of postage will be borne by the customer, which will have to be made by the customer himself, as well as the commissions that have produced the chosen form of payment (if any).

It occurs when the delivered product does not match the one specified in the order (for example, you order a wii controller, and receive and x-box controller), or has been hit and externally damaged during shipping, or detects that the product does not work properly within 48 hours of receiving it.
If this happens you must communicate immediately, and within 48 hours of receipt thereof, to RenoPC by sending an e-mail to Remember to attach a photo of the damage, the box, the product packaging and the package label (it is essential to attach this information before 48h in order to process your transport claim, if you do not meet the requirements, transport will close your claim. Once we receive this e-mail we will begin to process your return. If you received the packaging damaged it is very important that you indicate it on the delivery note of the carrier at the time of receipt.

The usual procedure will be as follows:
We will contact you via e-mail indicating your return number which must be clearly indicated on the packaging. Subsequently, we will send a carrier to your address for collection, and we will proceed to send you the correct product.
Throughout the whole process, we will keep you promptly informed via e-mail.
In this type of return, all costs of collection and redelivery will be borne by RenoPC

In the event

that, before a return for defective delivery, the customer requests the return of the item, we will proceed as explained in the previous section "Commercial Return" except that the cost of the collection that has been made to process the incident will be deducted


This section applies to all products with faults or breakdowns after 48 hours of receipt.
It occurs when the product does not work properly or has stopped working due to a technical problem within the period established in the Law of Guarantees, 3 years warranty for the end customer and 1 year warranty for Distributors, Also, for customers with Distributorship rate batteries, due to manufacturing defect, are guaranteed for 6 months.
To process a warranty it is essential to attach a copy of the invoice.
The products are out of warranty for the following reasons:
-If they have received, once delivered to the customer, any deterioration by external events, accidents, poorly followed instructions or change in electrical voltages.
-If they are damaged by an incorrect configuration or installation of software, hardware and peripherals, by the customer.
-If there is a malfunction caused by an incorrect configuration or installation of software, hardware and peripherals, by the customer. -If there is a malfunction caused by an incorrect installation of software, hardware and peripherals, by the customerIf there is a failure caused by a component not supplied by RenoPC.
To do this you must enter +Customer area > My user area > Returns > New return.
- Order number.
-Article reference number.
-Reason for return.
-Copy of the purchase invoice
In this type of return, and for the customers distributors, the expenses of transport towards our warehouses will be paid by the customer and the Expenses of the new delivery from our warehouses towards the customer will be paid by RenoPC. For the final consumer, both the shipping costs to and from our warehouses will be borne by RenoPC.

Once the return has been processed by our SAT, whose resolution means the payment by the customer for its withdrawal, you will have 2 months of free storage in our facilities. After this period, the cost of storage and custody for RMA will be 1.50€/day elapsed.

The maximum storage period from the resolution of its return will be 6 months, after this period without receiving notification from the customer, we will proceed to recycle the material thus losing the right to a subsequent claim.