Components for your PC, make it "fly"

Buy with us the best computer components so you can improve your current equipment or if you are thinking of making a custom PC, browse the different sections that we put at your disposal and get the best components for your computer at the best price.



  • Motherboards

    Fundamental piece for the assembly or update of your computer is the motherboard.

    We offer you several options with any motherboard for each type of processor.

    Check what type of processor you are going to put and what box or tower you want and choose the motherboard that best suits you.

  • Graphics Cards

    Nvidia and Ati Graphics Cards

    If you want to increase your experience in gaming, video and image editing, you must have a good graphics card. We have at your disposal Nvidia graphics cards and ATI graphics cards of last generation and with the best GPUs on the market.


    Buy PC keyboards at the best price and with immediate shipping

  • MICE

    Buy PC mice at the best price and with immediate shipping


    PC Cases or Computer Towers

    Buy your computer case now. If you are thinking of assembling a computer for personal and domestic use or if you are needing a computer without any components, to be able to complete all the parts yourself, up to the power supply. We have the best deals on pc towers that come with or without power supply included.

  • Power Sources

    If when you connect a USB device to your computer some kind of failure occurs. If you have recently purchased a new component and when you install it your computer does not boot or does not work as before. Check that the power consumption of your equipment goes hand in hand with what the power supply supports.


    Buy refrigerators for desktop pc at the best price and with immediate shipping.

  • Sound cards

    Sound cards

    If you want to enjoy the best sound quality. A 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, we have in our wide catalog what you need. From the best and most recognized brands such as Creative Sound Blaster and Hercules among others.

  • Hard Drive Adapters

    SSD Hard Drive Adapters

  • RAM


    Notice that your computer slows down? If you have noticed that the performance of your PC has dropped considerably when installing more applications or programs that you need to work or play, it may be because you have little RAM or it is damaged.

  • SSD Hard Drives

    Choose an SSD hard drive to experience extra speed on your computer

    Check the best prices on SSD hard drives or solid hard drives, better speed and performance at the best price. If you were looking for your ssd hard drive you have come to the right place.

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